Why choosing this course? | UniBG ECONOMICS AND DATA ANALYSIS

Why choosing this course?

The Master course in Economics and Data Analysis (EDA) responds to the new challenges in the age of information and Big Data. It provides a unique blend of advanced economics knowledge, cutting-edge statistical methods and hands-on experience in processing and interpreting data to build leading economic competences for the information society.

Students develop the necessary knowledge and the essential skill for an effective decision-making process and strategic business choices. Therefore, the EDA course is suitable for students who are planning a career in the top-notch labor market segment in the private as well as in the public sectors, from business to institutions and Governments.

EDA program matches the benefit of small classes, which allows also for relational and communication abilities, with the international vocation of the program. Faculty members have scientific connections and research networks worldwide, from Europe to the United States, and 20% of the teaching is performed by international visiting professors.

EDA students have the opportunity of being involved in workshops, seminars, learning activities and hackathons. Furthermore, internships are strongly encouraged.

MSc EDA meets the expectations of very motivated students who are passionate about economics, market analysis and data science in a challenging environment.

Two curricula
  • Economics & Data Analysis (ED)  
  • Data Science (DS) and the label EMOS, European Master in Official Statistics