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Why choosing this course?

International Open Day a.y. 2024-2025

The Master's degree program in Economics and Data Analysis (EDA) equips students with the tools necessary to confront the emerging economic challenges of the information and big data era. EDA offers a comprehensive curriculum that not only imparts advanced knowledge of economics but also provides hands-on experience in utilizing cutting-edge statistical methodologies to process and interpret economic data. This unique blend of theoretical expertise and practical skills cultivates the development of forward-thinking economic competencies, crucial for success in today's information-driven society.

Through EDA, students hone critical analytical abilities tailored to navigate complex economic decision-making processes and assess the consequences of economic choices and policies across various sectors, either in private enterprises or in public institutions. As such, the EDA course caters to ambitious individuals aspiring for distinguished careers as economists, spanning across a spectrum of industries and organizational settings, including national and international institutions.

The EDA program combines the benefits of small class sizes, fostering relational and communication skills, with its strong international orientation. Faculty members boast extensive scientific connections and research networks spanning the globe, from Europe to the United States, enriching the teaching experience with advanced courses delivered by visiting professors from prestigious institutions.

EDA students are actively engaged in a plethora of extracurricular activities, including workshops, seminars, learning sessions, and hackathons. The program strongly advocates for internships, providing invaluable real-world exposure and practical experience. EDA caters to highly motivated individuals passionate about economics, offering a stimulating and challenging learning environment tailored to their aspirations.

Two curricula
  • Economics (ECO)  
  • Data Science (DS) and the label EMOS, European Master in Official Statistics