Mentoring Program

The Master’s Degree Program in Economics & Data Analysis offers a customized service for all enrolled students.
The Faculty-Student Mentoring Program (FSMP) aims at supporting students during their academic career promoting a strong and long-term relationship between students and professors in the department. In particular, mentors are members of the EDA faculty who individually provide guidance, advices and supportive feedbacks to enable students to be successful and gain confidence and self-motivation. The major aim of FSMP is to encourage and support students learning offering programs and activities that facilitate increased academic and personal development. In particular, students will be supported by:

  • providing academic planning guides to help students participate in rigorous academic activities
  • helping students in choosing optional courses. Students need to know the benefits of early intervention and address quickly any question about their academic career
  • facilitating participation in graduate research, scholarship and creative activities by creating opportunities for students to demonstrate their competencies and encouraging them to present at meetings and in university forums
  • encouraging students to come forward with their ideas at all stages of development
  • motivating students to try new techniques and to expand their skills
  • presenting students with opportunities for regional, national, and international experiences
  • providing constructive and supportive feedback.