The learning process is enhanced by the direct involvement of the students in the internship/stage. It is geared toward the choice of the professional path and to the knowledge of the job market. 

Students are required to read the  Guidelines for the Internship.

Furthermore, please check the following step-by-step Vademecum for Internship (in Italian) specially prepared for the Economics and Data Analysis students.

For the list (not exclusive) of the firms/banks/institutions providing internships for the EDA students, please see the Moodle page of the MSc in Economics and Data Analysis.

Informative Meeting on Internships- EDA students, May 24th, 2021

Dear student,

the informative meeting has been scheduled on Monday, May 24th, 2021 at 2.30 pm to provide general information about internships to the students of the master educational program in “Economics and Data Analysis” (EDA).

The meeting is intended to summarize the steps necessary to activate and do your internship, the figures of the supervisor and of the company and academic tutors, as well as the companies (and their contacts at our department) that traditionally host our students.

The meeting will also allow you to meet the two academic tutors of the Department of Economics, who will briefly present some companies that, recently, have expressed their willingness to host EDA students as well as the internship opportunities that such companies currently offer.

Banca d'Italia Internship

The Banca d’Italia provides a program of internships for new graduates in Economics and Statistics, based in Milan. Deadline for the applications: February 5th, 2021. Please, see the link for all the information (in Italian).