Double Degree Program

For EDA students interested in the Double Degree in Trier: to take advantage of the scholarship you must apply for the Erasmus+. Without this application, funding will not be available.

Students enrolled in EDA (ECO track) have the opportunity to attend the second year of their Master Degree at the University of Trier (Germany) and obtain a M.Sc. in Economics: European Economic Integration in addition to the Master's degree program in Economics and Data Analysis form the University of Bergamo.

Double Degree Agreement between “M.Sc. Economics - European Economic Integration” (Trier University)  and “MSc in Economics and Data Analysis”.

The double degree studies shall involve 2 years of study (four terms). The total study load comes out at 120 ECTS (equivalent to 120 CFU).

Students shall undertake studies at both universities, for the equivalent of two terms each. Students of the Bergamo University spend their first year of studies at home university (for 60 CFU) and their second year at the University of Trier (30CF for exams and 30CFU for the final thesis). At both universities, the language of instruction will be English. For the next academic year, 2024-2025, the University of Trier provides the following courses:

  • Political Economics, 10 CFU
  • International Energy Markets , 10 CF
  • Courses worth 10 CFU from the following list:
    • “Introduction to Monetary Policy and the EMU” & “Special Topics of Monetary Policy”
    • “International Macroeconomics” & “Special Topics in International Macroeconomics”
    • “Incentives in Organizations and Innovation”
    • “Applied Time Series Econometrics” & “Applied Macroeconometrics”
    • “International Trade”
  • Master Thesis, 30 CFU

The number of slots available for the double degree studies equals five first-year students of the EDA program at the University of Bergamo. 

The candidates should be enrolled in the first year of MSC EDA, in the year 2023-2024, and have passed the exams for 12 CFU (at least) at the moment of the selection interview and 60 CFU by the end of September 2024.

The candidates are required to fill in the application form (see “Avviso di selezione programma di doppio titolo con Trier a.a. 2024-2025" attached) by March, 9th, 2024.