Learning activities

EDA program provides well-round educational activities, inside and outside the classroom.  A wide variety of extra-curriculum courses, thematic workshops and the involvement in ongoing international research, including the opportunity to interact with the important scholars and managers in the sector round out the learning experience.

The rich proposal of seminars and workshops allows the understanding of the frontier of research in economics and data science. In particular:

Crash Courses

Among the other extra-curricular opportunities, EDA provides the No One Left Behind activities to help students with a weaker background and to support students with difficulties to attend classes and pass the exams.

Crash courses: 

  • Introductory Mathematics for Economists

    Prof. Alessandro Vaglio.

  • Statistics

    Ph.D. Chiara Ghiringhelli.

  • Introduction to STATA

    Ph.D Pedro Garcia Trivin.

For the calendar and further information, click the following link.

Seminars and workshops
  • Students can attend the Economics Department Seminars given by scholars with international standings,
  • Students are welcome to the Workshops organized by the Department and to the Kick-off meetings where professionals, in the fields of economics and data management, present their current job and career development experience 
Fly higher program

Furthermore, EDA develops soft competencies that promote teamwork skills and the ability to present and discuss the results of one’s work effectively.  The Fly Higher program promotes short courses to go deeper on specific topics of great socio-economic relevance where students face challenging issues as a training session to prepare them for solving problems in their future professional world. For the a.y. 2020-21 the courses addressed to selected students are the following:

  • Report writing: the course aims to enhance the efficacy of professional report writing (2 CFU)
  • Public speaking: the course aims to enhance the communicational ability to convey professional contents to the audience (1 CFU)
  • Stat-Hackathon:  an event, where the students engage in collaborative computer programming to solve a problem. (2 CFU)
  • Entrepreneurial skills This course aims at developing students’ entrepreneurial skills through active engagement with the entrepreneurial thinking process. (1 CFU)

The list of the selected students is published at the following link.