Learning objectives and Career opportunities | UniBG ECONOMICS AND DATA ANALYSIS

Learning objectives and Career opportunities

MSc in Economics and Data Analysis (EDA) offers a unique blend of economics, quantitative techniques and data science which makes the students equipped to become economists with hands-on experience in processing and interpreting big data set.

The course covers a wide range of economics fields, including advanced Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Economic Policy, Industrial Organization and Labor Economics as well as computational and statistical methods, including Advanced Econometrics, Data Production and Analysis, Coding and Machine Learning. Students learn to use various types of data, from firm balance sheets to official statistics and big data; they learn to perform applied economic and statistical analysis, impact evaluations and forecast scenarios.

The EDA course is suitable for students who are planning a top-notch carrier in the private and in the public sectors: in companies, business and Institutions operating in a data-driven society. Students develop the necessary knowledge and the essential skill for an effective decision-making process and strategic business choices in order to be top managers, analysts, consultants or economic researchers.

The curriculum EMOS-EDA enhances statistical skills, offers a teaching environment strictly linked to National Statistical Offices and Eurostat and innovative teaching methods. It offers summer/spring schools and requires compulsory internships at National Statistical Offices.